• Establish more salesperson accountability
  • Pushing salespeople from their comfort zone
  • Sales pipeline development
  • Targeting decision makers
  • Booking more appointments
  • Digital sales training and product development
  • Email marketing
  • Run a productive sales meeting
  • Category & territory management
  • Developing dynamic sales proposals
  • Get off email, get on the phone
  • Proposal development & salesperson follow-up
  • Secure business from new categories
  • Ask for the order and close the business
  • Managing client expectations


Lou DeLone, the Fractional Publisher has a track record of successful magazine launches and the launches of ancillary titles in multiple markets across the United States. This experience and track record of success can be put to work for established owners and publishers who recognize a new business opportunity, or individuals with a passion to launch a magazine and may require support getting started. The Fractional Publisher handles all aspects of publishing, including hiring, training, and brand building across target markets.

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Salesforce Assessment

An objective salesforce assessment is a valuable first step for new and established publications. Identifying strengths and weaknesses of a sales team begins to address why ad sales are not on track. Too few sales people, territory assignments, bad sales mechanics and lack of accountability all limit business and are often difficult to spot from inside the publication. Lapsing into some of these dark sales holes over time is inevitable. These are all areas Whippoorwill’s Fractional Publisher  will address with an objective salesforce assessment.

Restructuring and Reorganization

The keys to publishing profitability are not complicated, they are not a secret. However, many publications are missing the necessary sales mechanics. Owners and publishers find themselves with sales teams that have lost focus, ambition and accountability. This is a reality that is challenging but must inevitably be addressed to avoid loss of investment and profitability. Whippoorwill Advisors, Fractional Publisher is prepared to conduct a focused and intense sales team overhaul when necessary and do what it takes to move towards profitability.

Interim Publisher

Publications often find themselves with no publisher or sales team manager for periods of time due to resignations, terminations, illness and retirement. Whippoorwill Advisors is prepared to step in and fill this role until the position is filled in order to avoid any loss of sales momentum or progress towards profitability. This gives ownership time to fill the position properly and not compromise on talent.