Fee Schedule & Training Packages include:


One Week in Office Team Training (5 days):  $4,250

  • 1-2 day sales workshop with team.
  • 2-3 days of going on calls with team members and meeting one on one.
  • Final team meeting, follow up and written summary of the week.

Three day in Office Training :  $3,500

  • 1 days sales workshop with team
  • 2 days with individual team members going on call and meeting one on one
  • Training summary and write-up

Ongoing Sales Team Management & Participation:  $1,250 per month

  • Running of weekly sales meeting remotely.
  • Ongoing availability for planning, sales strategy and general venting
  • Client Proposal development and review
One Day: In Person Sales Team Assessment and Sales Workshop:  $950
Phone Evaluation, Meeting Participation or Motivational Call with Individual Salespeople: $150 per hour


Every publication’s needs and expectations are different.  This fee schedule is just a starting point for figuring out how to work together.