“As a small, regional publisher, trying to wear every hat and make each look good can be a daunting task. Something important always gets pushed to the back burner. While hiring additional support may sound like a simple solution, finding the right person with the expertise to fill your gaps isn’t that easy. That is until I met Lou DeLone, the Fraction Publisher. His full-service sales training and development firm and highly successful experience in the publishing industry is an invaluable resource for media outlets large and small. In the first 10 minutes of speaking with Lou, I learned three tips that immediately transformed my sales efforts. Since then, he has helped me instill better organization and accountability within my sales team by leading our weekly sales meetings and by serving as a sounding board to my sales reps to help them overcome advertising sales challenges. Lou has become a natural extension to my publishing company, and I honestly can say I am unsure how I operated before him. He possesses a genuine desire to see you succeed and will go to any length to ensure you do. Publishers who are spending sleepless nights like I was trying to figure out how to take the next step toward success should speak with Lou today. It will be a business decision they will never regret.”

Stephen McClintic, Jr.
President & CEO, McClintic Media