Whippoorwill’s Fractional Publisher embeds with your sales team for a minimum of one week providing in-person team development and one-on-one sales training to quickly increase ad revenue.

The Fractional Publisher is valuable to magazine & newspapers that want to avoid the expense of a full-time group publisher, require an interim publisher, or to provide the current publisher with some backup.

This is not a one-and done-training.  This is an intense program designed to implement a structured selling process that creates accountability, pushes salespeople from their comfort zone, and builds revenue.  




  • Establish more salesperson accountability
  • Pushing salespeople from their comfort zone
  • Sales pipeline development
  • Targeting decision makers
  • Booking more appointments
  • Digital sales training and product development
  • Email marketing
  • Run a productive sales meeting
  • Category & territory management
  • Developing dynamic sales proposals
  • Get off email, get on the phone
  • Proposal development & salesperson follow-up
  • Secure business from new categories
  • Ask for the order and close the business
  • Managing client expectations

Print business is never easy. As the media landscape becomes increasingly fragmented, print and conventional media remain essential to building client brands.

Our business demands that we pursue business from every possible client, prospect, agency, company, and individual. The Fractional Publisher program is specific to ad sales and works with your salespeople on an individual and team basis.

No other media offers the intrusiveness, level of engagement, and efficiency of print. Most print readers would not buy their magazines or newspapers without the advertising. This point of difference is unique and powerful.

Print & digital advertising present ongoing revenue-building opportunities as long as the leadership team has:

  • The right salespeople
  • Enough salespeople
  • Hands-on training
  • A commission structure that maintains focus and engagement

This may sound simple, but it’s rare in the print industry and its absence creates significant angst and frustration for owners and investors.

Websites are discovering that if you want to make money, you have to come to print… Print is not dead.  People are starting to say, ‘Let’s pay attention to print.’….Politico was a little bit smarter than anyone else because they had a print component from the beginning.

– Samir Husni, University of Mississippi, School of Journalism